Thursday, November 1, 2012 encourage a strong imagination

The recovering food addicts face their issue at every meal. So why would we not expect someone who has got hooked on the fastest growing addiction- porn addiction- to have ongoing struggles? Seriously. I heard the wife of a recovering addict set up rules for her husband. He couldn't go to the gym, he couldn't have meetings with women, he couldn't look at another other woman. She wanted to be the thought police. If she could just be there inside his head, and control the direction of his eyes, then everything would be good. The only thing this kind of entrapment created was a better liar out of her husband.

Would we really expect a recovering alcoholic to go to work in a pub? But this is the reality for someone overcoming pornography addiction. Every day, they spend hours and hours in front of the vehicle of their addiction- the computer. And the method of delivery is not some substance, not a liquid, or a pill, or needle. It's just by using their eyes. Now, does this mean it's impossible to recover from porn addiction? No. Someone can definitely get to a place where they don't consume porn anymore. But that's not what we are talking about here. The thought police want someone to never be tempted again. That is the only acceptable option and that is a plan destined for failure.

There is no way to entirely eliminate the stimulus with pornography addiction. Because the root of the addiction is in the imagination. sex movies this site will encourage a strong imagination in relationship to partner your values. The addict uses his or her imagination to trigger the body's naturally occurring feel good chemicals. This does not require any outside images. It can happen in the window of the mind. And because we are sexual beings, this is a totally normal thing to do! In order to create a plan for recovery that will actually work, we have to make sure we have realistic expectations. Otherwise, we let everyone down and harm the recovering addict by making them try to reach goal.